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Can We Wear a Metal Watches With Casual Wear

The casual metal watches series has been on the casual metal watches stage since last year, and this watch is the highlight of this series. The metal dials border line design, orange scale, laid-back style, plus stainless steel pure black strap, bring you a real metal feel, as well as a black particle coated strap and bezel. The overall texture. In addition to this watch, the watchs speedometer, stopwatch, waterproof, date display and other functions are also available. Anyone who likes casual metal watches can consider starting this practical and versatile watch. Metal watches are very common, from the material, and the most stainless steel watches, in addition to: precious metals, tungsten steel, titanium and so on. Because metal watches are worn for a long time, the straps will be worn first and foremost, and the problem is that the straps are not properly fastened. The style of casual metal watches is a good complement to the common wear and tear of ordinary metal watches, screw bolts or other types of connections. Pulling out or falling off, scratching the surface, fading the casual watches gold plating layer, etc., are very good at defending the bad habits before. Platinum is a rare and expensive natural pure white metal. It is one of the rarest precious metals in the world. It is only 5% of gold per year. It has almost twice the strength of gold and is 30 times rarer than gold. . Platinum is white, natural and pure, with a purity of more than 90%. It is natural and will not fade when worn. Pt900 represents a platinum jewelry with a purity of 90%, and Pt950 represents a platinum jewelry with a purity of 95%. 2, K gold refers casual sport watches to the alloy of gold and other metals mixed

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