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Best Mens Watches Below 500$,New York Magazine

ith mobile phones everywhere, your watches selection may be more the best casual watches than just telling time, more about personal style. However, a watches is more than just a watches. For example, the vast majority are made for right-handed people, but a few are designed to satisfy the left-hander among us. A wide range of functions and sizes. This watches is also one of the few accessories for men to buy, why not choose? If you haven't honored the CEOs salary yet, heres the mens watches with the best casual watches retailing for less than $500. With an indigo night light, a speedometer, a date window and a buckle, this watches is perfect for men who like to work or play outdoors. It also has 330 feet of water resistance and is a great choice for snorkeling or swimming. But you don't want to wear it to dive. With its classic black shape and true crystal face, this watches has stood the test of time and style. This watches has all the ringtones casual luxury watches and whistles you need, but its presented in a simple and compelling way. Features an English or Spanish date window, sword-shaped hands, a wide black casual watches second hand and a mineral dial. This is a good choice for people who are out. If sweating or other odors are a problem, remove the canvas and wash it by hand. This watch is not waterproof, so when you don't swim by the pool, you just want to wear it!

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